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metal laser making machine

metal laser making machine

NC Diode side-pump laser marking is the new product developed by NC laser company, it is updated product of YAG laser marking machine.

It adopts the most advanced laser technology in the world and the imported diode laser arrays.


The 808nm laser diode pumping


Nd: YAG mediums produce quantity of antiparticles, whice will cause 1064nm high power laser pulse output under the function of Q swich.


The beam quality is very good and the line is rather nice.


For the convenience of our customers, we have improved the machine structure.

 The optical system uses the fully sealed structure. anyway, it looks more beautiful and easy to operate.

Not only can it work alone, but also cooperate with other equipments in production line.



Machine features:


The size of NC diode side-pump laser marking machine is small. The volume is only 1/4 of the traditional lamp pump laser.
the optical system uses the fully sealed structure to prevent the dust entering laser body and reduces the equipment failure rate.

The machine is able to preview the light path and point out the focus


It is very convenient for the materials that will be processed to be located.
This machine provides the precise three dimension worktable and newest outside water-cooling system.

The cooling system can control the water temperature very accurately, which ensures the long time working. anyway, the machine movement noise is extremely low.
The software owns intellectual property rights. It is compatible with file formats saved by CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD,

PHOTOSHOP and software.

It can mark autocode, sequence number, bath number, date, bar code, etc.

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metal laser making machine