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Wood CNC Router  Applications:
Furniture decoration, Musical Instruments industry, wooden crafts industry, large area plank plane sculpture, solid wood furniture, annatto furniture, real wood art mural, density board paint-free door, Wood composite door, wardrobe, cabinets, beside cupboard, screen engraving and so on.

Laser Machine Applications

Advertising Industry:Character cuttig a large plastic, double-color board, glass, crystal, acrylic etc

Craft Industry:wood, bamboo,ivory, bone,leather,marble,shells,and other materials carved images and text.

Package Industry:Rubber, plastic board,double-color board etc

Other Industry:Mrable, granite,paper and other non-metal materials

Stone cnc router Applications:

Large-Scale stone carving,glass sculpure, metal sculpture,brick, ink stone, relief,Intaglio etc.