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The points need attention of installation, using and maintenance with Italian HSD manual changed spindle

First, Avoid danger happened

1.All the work like clean, maintenance must be done after power-down and the spindle stop rotary totally

2.Must install protect device when spindle be installed on machine, or else it maybe hurt someone who close to high rotary parts.

3.It must do not touch rotary parts of spindle during spindle rolling, or else there will be personal accident.

4.For the worker, please don’t wear loose and pendulous clothes(eg. tie, bag-sleeve cloth and so on), and ladies should put long hair coil.

5.Please using original nut, or else will damage spindle


The right way of installation, using and maintenance

1.       The right way of installation

1)       Install the spindle tightly, the supporter for installing spindle must be strong enough to support the weight of spindle.

2)       The parameters of inverter which connect to spindle should be set up by indication (pole of motor, rated current, voltage rating , rated frequency, highest frequency )of nameplate of spindle, or else it will damage the spindle ,which is not included in range of guarantee.

3)       The cooling system of spindle is combined by alignment fans which lie in the tail. In order to promise cooling, please make sure the rotary speed exceeding 7000rmp when working.

4)       Please connect the electric line seriously by the indication of detail manual instruction.

5)       The bearing of spindle have already done permanent lubrication, no need lubricate again.

6)       There must be at least 10cm distance back of cooling fans of spindle, in order to the air can go inside fans freely( the air is flow inside of spindle)

7)       The spindle that refer to this file is designed to do the work of drilling or milling wood, plastic, aluminum, fiber board, please don’t work on material of steel, stone, glass and so on. Or else it will probably damage the spindle, which is not include in the range of guarantee.

2.       The right way of using

1)       The dynamic poise and rotate speed

The key point of spindle with high rotary speed is dynamic poise, any rotary parts must should be adjust to dynamic poise, or else the bearing of spindle will damaged within short time( the shortest time for damage will be within one hour), the element for impact dynamic poise are as follows:

The dynamic poise of net. The net maybe spoil or wear out after using with in period , if you want to change the parts, you must be order the parts which supplied or approved by the spindle supplier, because of the net must be dynamic poise.

The dynamic poise of tools. Generally, every tool have the limited of rotary. If there is no indication of rotary on the tools, please inquiry from supplier, don’t use unqualified tools. Or else the spindle will have strenuous vibration and big noise when spindle rotating, especially, for the tool which is long(more than 70mm) and big diameter( more than Ø20), please pay attention to don’t exceed order speed.

2)       Matters need attention when tools changed

It is ban to beat the spindle at any time, especially the tool shank and tools. It is also ban to tight tools by beat, even if when fixing tools, or else there will be a pit which beat by bearing ball of spindle between out side and inside of bearing, and damage the high speed bearing inside spindle. Once if you do like that, the ball will be damaged because of incessant beat by high speed bearing when the high speed bearing ball touch the pit, and the bearing will be spoil totally, the result is the bearing rotor can’t rotate.

3)       Keep tools sharp

Must keep tools sharp, or else the load increase, efficiency of working decrease, vibration aggravate, the life of spindle will shorten, accelerate the fret of spindle.

4)       The materials must be fixed: the material which be worked at must be fixed tightly to the working table, or else spindle will vibrate, and damaged.

5)       The pressure of spindle touch the material don’t exceed 50kgs, or else will damage the spindle, meanwhile, prevent spindle form being attacked by pressure at Z axis, or else the bearing of spindle will be damaged also. The two wrong operation as before make the spindle spoil, the result is the spindle is jammed, and can’t rotate by hand.

3.       Correct maintenance

It is ban to clean the spindle by compressed air to blow the back of spindle.

It is ban to clean the surface between spindle rotor and crust by compressed air.

The two operations will damage the bearing because the dirt go inside of spindle

It must be very clean for the spring stirrer and conical surface of installing spring stirrer on spindle, or else it may lose dynamic poise because tools is not in the center, and which can make the spindle damaged soon, and it is not in the range of guarantee.